Looking for sportswear in Dubai? Find the best quality sports wear and accessories at the leading local stores. These shops sell a variety of sports apparel, footwear, equipment, watches, gloves, socks and accessories; and you can shop by brand or product name. All the top sportswear brands are available such as Adidas, Puma, Nike, Converse, Reebok, Champion, Under Armour, Quicksilver, New Balance and more.
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Sportswear Dubai

The range of sportswear available for sale in Dubai is fascinating. All the major sports brands in the world are readily available in the city, and can be found at label stores, authorized dealers and major sportswear retailers. Some of the ...

Paul & Shark Dubai

Get luxury Paul & Shark sports gear and accessories at major sportswear shops in Dubai. Paul & Shark is one of the most popular names in the international retail sportswear industry. The range of Paul & Shark products available in Dubai inc ...

Oxbo World

Visit the Oxbo World outlet in Dubai to buy high quality sportswear for all day and special occasion use. The Oxbo outlet in Dubai falls in the list of sportswear shops with the widest range of products in Dubai. Choose from jackets, sweate ...

Nautica Dubai

Buy Nautica sportswear in Dubai and join millions of others who are enjoying the comfort and luxury of wearing the world’s best sportswear. Nautica has over the years strengthened the value of its products, ensuring durability, reliabilit ...

Foot Locker Dubai

For the widest variety of sportswear in Dubai, visit the Foot Locker store. Foot Locker is one of the most respected sportswear shops and retailers in the world and their presence in Dubai affirms their commitment to availing quality sports ...

Puma Sportswear

Puma is one of the world’s best sportswear brands and one of the most readily available sportswear products in Dubai. For the best deals on original Puma sportswear, visit the Puma brand store at The Dubai Mall. The Dubai Mall store and o ...

Fila Dubai

Buy original Fila sportswear at its label shops in the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Deira City Centre. Fila is one of the premier sportswear shops in Dubai, and has a huge collection of footwear and other sports apparel in stock at all ...

Quiksilver Dubai

Looking to buy casual sportswear that is fashionable and reliable in Dubai? Check out the range of Quiksilver sportswear products available in Dubai at the Quiksilver shop located within the Dubai Mall, the Ibn Battua Mall and at the Mall o ...

Converse Dubai

One of the world’s finest sportswear brands, Converse is easily recognized as an American premium brand. In Dubai, Converse sportswear products are popular and readily available. Visit the Converse store at the Dubai Mall, or at the Dubai ...

Reebok Dubai

Get reliable sportswear from America’s largest sportswear manufacturer, Reebok, right here in Dubai. The Reebok store in Dubai Mall is one of the well-stocked and most popular sportswear shops in the Emirate. Reebok products are made to g ...

Adidas Dubai

Get high quality Adidas sportswear at any Adidas store in Dubai. There are over 15 Adidas sportswear shops in Dubai. Adidas is a world leader in sportswear, and continues to manufacture quality wear for both men and women. From shoes, track ...

Billabong Sportswear

Buy trendy Billabong sportswear and accessories for all your sports and outdoor adventures. The Billabong store at The Dubai Mall is one of the most popular sportswear shops in Dubai. Billabong is a top sportswear brand and is renowned for ...