Looking for antiques in Dubai? Do not go shopping blindly or you will fall for fake antiques. Find the best shops to buy authentic antiques in the city. Our list of antique shops features the largest antique showrooms in Dubai, as well as specialist dealers selling traditional and modern design antiques.
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Antique Furniture

If you are looking for antiques in Dubai, Dubai Furniture is a good place to look. One of the antique shops with the widest variety of items, Dubai Furniture has more than 2,000 antiques in stock, all of them handmade and unique in design a ...

Antiques Dubai

Dubai is home to a high number of antique shops, where you can find hundreds of handmade collectibles and antiques. Dubai antique dealers issue certificates of authenticity to guarantee originality so you are confident of getting value for ...

Fakih Collections

Fakih Collections is your primary supplier of antiques, souvenirs and gift items. It is part of the Fakih Group of Companies, and specialises in selling handcrafted antiques made in traditional and modern designs. The company operates a nu ...

Exotica Furniture

Visit Exotica Furniture in Dubai for the widest variety of original antiques and collectibles. Exotica Furniture is one of the largest antique shops in Dubai. Located on Jumeirah road, the Exotica Furniture showroom is easy to access. The i ...

Modern Antiques

If you are looking for antique items with a contemporary edge in Dubai, check out the items available at Modern Antiques Co. The store is one of the few antique shops in Dubai that stocks collections of modern designs, art and sculptures. M ...

Beacon Antiques

Buy authentic antiques from the Beacon store in Dubai. Beacon Decor & Light is one of the premier antique shops in Dubai and sells a wide variety of antique items in classic and contemporary designs. They specialise in table lamps, chandeli ...